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How-To: CyberGate


How-To guides that describes the procedure to purchase, install and configure the CyberGate service from CyberTwice.

CyberGate is a service that allows you to use your SIP Robin intercom with Microsoft Teams. This enables audio and video communication from the Robin to a Microsoft Teams client.

- 'CyberGate How-To' describes the purchase and initial configuration of CyberGate

- 'CyberGate Robin' describes the configuration of the regular Robin intercom for use with CyberGate

- 'CyberGate Robin for Teams' describes the configuration of the special 'Robin for Teams' intercom for use with CyberGate

CyberGate_How-To_1.0.7.pdf CyberGate_How-To_1.0.7.pdf
CyberGate_Robin_1.0.0.pdf CyberGate_Robin_1.0.0.pdf
CyberGate_Robin_For_Teams_1.0.0.pdf CyberGate_Robin_For_Teams_1.0.0.pdf

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Release notes Robin v3.6.10
Release notes Robin v3.6.10
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