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* ! Important security information ! *
Take the following security measures when using a Robin:   The use of port forwarding in routers / firewalls to access the Robin door phones is strongly disc
*! Belangrijke veiligheid informatie !*
Neem de volgende veiligheidsvoorzieningen in acht bij het gebruik van uw Robin:    Het gebruik van port forwarding in routers / firewalls on op afstand bij d
Release notes software version 3.6.10 - June 2020 - ! PLEASE READ !
Latest version: 3.6.10 (Release date: June 9, 2020) Due to an incompatibility issue, Robin products running on software version 3.5.2 and older will display an error when checking for new software ver...
SIP Compatibility Overview v3.0
Download the compatibility overview version 3.0 (updated 02-01-18) or use the link      

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