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Release notes software version 3.6.9 - January 2020 - ! PLEASE READ !


Latest version: 3.6.9 (Release date: Jan 8, 2020)

Due to an incompatibility issue, Robin products running on software version 3.5.2 and older will display an error when checking for new software versions. As long as the current installed software version on the Robin product is 3.2.0 or higher, you still can upgrade to software version 3.6.8. 

- Go to the menu -System-Software-

- Click on the button 'Check for new software versions'

- Wait until an error appears, ignore it

- Click on the button 'Upgrade to latest version'

The Robin will update to software version 3.6.9, from there on, no errors will appear when checking for new software verrsions.


v 3.6.9:


New features


Modified security setting to make it possible to upgrade a Robin to 3.6.9 over a VPN (or different IP-subnet than the IP-subnet of the Robin) without losing access to the WEB interface

The Robin now features an ‘Audio boost’ function to increase the sound output by approx. 6db

The Security settings page has an extra field is added for password verification

The Robin Keypad now features a volume slider for keypad beep sound


Fixed bugs


Fixed an issue with Skype for Business where the connection was lost when using the Robin in Trunk-mode

Fixed a bug in the NAT-option in the Robin that could prevent successful registration to some VoIP providers / remote PBXs 

Fixed an issue where the Microsoft Edge browser didn’t show video of the Robin SV camera

In the Event mechanism of the Robin, the ‘Button’ event did not work as designed. This is now fixed


Known problems


In rare occasions it’s possible the browser doesn’t refresh the status properly when checking for updates or installing updates. In this case, refresh the browser manually.



! Note: This will only work when tried with software version 3.2.0 or higher! For older software versions, please contact Robin Telecom support.

! Note 2: Starting from firmware version 3.6.7 security changes may affect the way the Robin is behaving: 

1. Logging on to the Robin from the internet (through the use of port-forwarding) no longer functions

Reason: Port-forwarding in the router / firewall Is strongly discouraged because of security risks. Starting from firmware version 3.6.7 only HTTP-toegang from the LAN (local traffic) will be accepted 

Solution: Knowing the risks of opening access to the Robin from the internet it is possible to disable the option 'Allow HTTP access only from LAN'  in the menu -System-security-


2. When calling the Robin from a phone, it won't auto answer anymore

Reason: The 'Auto-answer' function is often not used, therefore it's disabled by default.

Solution: Log in as Administrator, enable the option 'Auto-answer' in the menu -Telephony-Call settings-


3. If the Robin has trouble communicating with the SIP environment running firmware 3.6.7 or higher

Reason: This might be triggert by not accepting SIP REFER packages anymore

Solution: Log in as Administrator, enable the option 'Enable Refer' in the menu -Telephony-SIP-


4. Trouble streaming via RTSP to a video server or NAS

Reason: The default password for the RTSP user is changed

Solution: Log in as Administrator, change the password for the RTSP admin user in the menu -Network-RTSP- (min. 6 characters). Note: this changed password needs to be changed in the video server / NAS also 


5. Communication using HTTP commands to the Robin no longer functions

Reason: The Robin API is disabled by default

Solution: Log in as Administrator, enable the option 'Enable API interface' in the menu -System-Security


6. Logging in to the Robin as 'User' isn't possible

Reason: The user 'User' is often not used, therefore it's disabled by default. 

Solution: Log in as Administrator, enable the option 'Enable User' in the menu -System-Security- and change the password for the 'User' user in a password of choice (min. 6 characters)






Robin_Releasenotes_v3.69.pdf Robin_Releasenotes_v3.69.pdf

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