Starting from softwarerelease 3.0.1, the Robin supports RTSP for video streaming.

You can enable / disable RTSP support in the menu -Network-RTSP-. You can also change the autentication options for the RTSP stream. We recommend that you change the password to ensure that the RTSP stream can't be accessed by others.

The Robin uses RTSP over TCP. RTSP over UDP and over HTTP are not supported.

RTSP is succesfuly tested on the following VMS / software solutions:

Milestone VMS

Griffid VMS

AVer mediabox

VLC player

IP Cam Viewer


Use the following URL:

rtsp://<IP_Address>/rtsp/video.av -> Combined audio video (G711 uLaw and H.264)

rtsp://<IP_Address>/rtsp/audio.ulaw -> Audio only (G711 uLaw)


For detailed information on how-to configure Milestone or Griffid, see our Tech-Docs in the downloads section on this support site.