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Yealink Video Phones with Broadsoft / RoutIt / KPN EEN
The Yealink Video Phones like the T49G, T58V will work with a Broadsoft / RoutIt / KPN EEN platform. Please make sure that: - the Yealink Video Phones must be equipped with a camera - In the config of...
How to reset the Robin SV or Robin SIP to factory defaults
To reset the Robin SV or Robin SIP back to factory defaults do the following:   - Disconnect the Robin from the Power over Ethernet switch or midspan - Reconnect the Robin - After the startup tone sou...
Video is not visible in the AGC and Motion screen (Robin SV)
PROBLEM: The video of a Robin SV is not visible in the AGC and Motion screen in the GUI   ANSWER: This is the case when one of the following webbrowsers is used: Internet Explorer (all version...
Starting from softwarerelease 3.0.1, the Robin supports RTSP for video streaming. You can enable / disable RTSP support in the menu -Network-RTSP-. You can also change the autentication options for th...
Relay contact information
The Robin has a built-in voltage-free relay contact. The Robin is not able to power a electronic lock, a power supply is required. There are many different electronic locks on the market. We advise to...
No H.263 support
With the introduction of software version 3, H.263 is no longer available. H.263 is an older video standard and is replaced by H.264. It delivers a beter video quality and a higher resolution. If you ...
No video visible on the Video telephone (eng)
If the Robin is connected to a video telephone set but no video is displayed on the phone, please check the following: 1 - The BPX / hosting provder needs to support the H.264 video codec. In some PBX...
Door opener with ## doesn't work (eng)
If the built-in door opener of the Robin doesn't respond to the '##'-command on the phone, check the following two things: 1 - Is the '#' DTMF key in use for something else? In some PBXs, the '#'-key...
How to configure Robin BDT on Cisco Call Manager
This document describes how to connect the Robin SIP on a Cisco Call Manager.   Below the necessary configuration of a CUCM: You will need to configure the following:
Configure VLAN
The Robin door intercom has no vlan settings in the web GUI. The vlan settings must be configured on the switch.
Connecting the Robin SV
Connecting the Robin SV To connect the Robin SV, use an Ethernet cable, type CAT5(e) or CAT6. The colours of the individual wires match the colour
Polycom VVX601/VVX501 reboot.
The Polycom VVX601 / VVX501 reboot when all codecs are switched on. To solve this problem. Turn all codec
Video Stream URL
The Robin SV, CV and HV have a built-in high resolution camera. It is possible to use the camera via a Motion-JPEG video stream. This stream can be retrieved by use of a HTTP URL:  

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