How-To: Connect the Robin to MS Lync/Skype for Business

The Robin SmartView (SV) and Robin SIP can be used in a MS Lync / Skype for Business


This Tech Note describes the configuration of the Robin to function with MS Lync and contains

limited descriptions of two MS Lync configurations.


Limitations of the Robin when used with MS Lync

The following limitations apply when the Robin is connected to an MS Lync environment:

• The Robin has to be connected to MS Lync via a Trunk connection. It can not be connected as a

regular MS Lync certified phone


• When a Robin SV (with camera) is used, video will not be displayed on a H.264 video compat-

ible phone connected to the MS Lync server. The video will be accessible through a compatible

web browser or a Video Management System.

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